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Can You Get Diabetes From Eating Sugar

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes affect the ability of the body to regulate its sugar levels. However, eating sugar or sugary foods will not cause type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes or also known as diabetes insipidus is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its own insulin-producing cells. The damage your cells go through undermines the regulation of your blood sugar.

Type 2 diabetes or also known as diabetes mellitus is a little bit more complicated. Consuming sugar does not cause type 2 diabetes directly. But eating too much of it can cause obesity and it is one of the factors that could lead to diabetes.

Because this condition makes it difficult for your body to manage its glucose levels well, a person with this metabolic disorder can worsen their situation by eating sugar more than the recommended amount.

The Link Between Diabetes And Sugar

Eating sugar does not directly mean you will develop diabetes. But there is evidence from research that suggests that the availability of sugar increases the prevalence of diabetes. This study looked into 175 countries and concluded that countries with more sugar supply have a higher diabetes rates.

A recent study sponsored by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases conducted by the researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School suggests that consuming too much dietary sugar can possibly spark a process in the body that could lead to prediabetes.

An assistant professor at Duke University School of Medicine named Mark Herman, M.D. from the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition addressed the controversy of sugar and its relation with diabetes by publishing a study in the the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

He said consuming large amounts of sugar, particularly fructose appears to trigger a specific mechanism that could lead to diabetes. Furthermore, Dr. Herman said that this current findings has allowed them to better understand the fundamental principles on how diabetes develops.

Sugar-Related Health Problems

Although the link between sugar and type 2 diabetes is not direct, the link between sugar and other diabetes-causing health problems is.

Here is a list of other risks associated with too much sugar consumption:

  • Liver diseases
  • Hormonal changes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Cancer

The Recommended Sugar Intake

Sugar is widely present in food and is therefore completely impossible to avoid. However, the sugar found in whole foods are enough to suffice your body’s need for energy. So there is no need to drink sweet beverages like fruit juices, sodas, eat cookies, cakes, donuts, sweetened treats or any processed foods that are particularly unhealthy.

According to the American Heart Association, they recommend that an average man should not consume more than 150 calories, 36 grams or 9 teaspoons of sugar a day. As for the average woman, the limit should not exceed 100 calories, 25 grams or 6 teaspoons of sugar.

The American Diabetes Association also offers food recommendations and alternatives. You can prevent yourself from diabetes by eliminating high glycemic foods and simple carbs in your diet and replace them with complex carbohydrates like whole wheat or oatmeal.

According to 7 steps to health, eating more fiber-rich foods will help you maintain your glucose levels and sustain your energy throughout the day. This also stops you from craving or overeating. Choose lean proteins and source your fat from healthy foods that are rich in essential fatty acids.

Eliminate processed foods from your diet as they contain extra sugars, unhealthy trans fats and are generally high in sodium. Your sodium intake should only be less than 2,300 mg per day.

Lastly, to prevent glucose spikes, eat smaller but frequent meals every day. Instead of eating three large meals, spread them out to five. This will help you feel fuller and satiated throughout the day and prevent you from unhealthy snacking.

When your body can no longer regulate your glucose levels properly due to diabetes, eating too much sugar will worsen your symptoms. Always remember to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. This will not only help reverse the problem but it will also prevent it from plaguing your life again.

A Guide On How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems facing the global population with, according to the World Health Organisation, 13% of all adults being severely obese.

According to WHO, the prevalence of this health condition has more than doubled between the years 1980 and 2015. Unfortunately, in today’s society obesity is not affecting only adults but children as well. WHO statistics indicate that over 43 million children suffer from obesity and 100 million are at risk.

Taking these figures into account, it is obvious that weight gain is a major consideration in our contemporary society. Accordingly the number of weight loss programs has increased dramatically, particularly in the USA, aimed at both adult and children. This article will provide information on how to avoid supplements and lose weight fast naturally.

1. Eat A Healthy Diet

One of the core factors behind weight gain and obesity is an unhealthy diet. In today’s stressful and fast-paced world, many people turn to fast foods as quick substitutes for healthy homemade cooked meals. This is not to blame parents or childless adults because hectic schedules do leave little time to focus on preparing meals; however without using a healthy diet you are placing all your family members and yourself at risk of consistent weight gains.

Using this fact, the first step to lose weight fast naturally is by eating a healthy diet. There are various diet programs available online to help a person transition from unhealthy dietary habits to healthy plans. Regardless of the plan chosen, all dietary programs can assist in helping you gain the nutrients required to improve your body’s well-being without gaining weight.

2. Improve Your Activity Level

The majority of people in the 21st century live a sedentary lifestyle. Despite the fact that this society is filled with high stimuli aspects, the advanced technology contributes to a person not needing to be active in any way. The convenience of not having to engage in any physical activity whatsoever is beneficial in some ways, but it can be detrimental when it comes to a person’s physical health with particular focus on weight gain.

To lose weight fast naturally, it is highly recommended that you improve your activity level and begin to engage in an active lifestyle. This means that you should be as active as possible throughout the day; for example, walk to the office or use a bicycle to reach it.

Keeping active will also assist in improving your sleeping patterns because it will physically tire your body. Scientific studies have found that people who live active lifestyles sleep better than those who do not.

3. Eat More To Lose Weight

Contrary to popular belief, eating less is not beneficial to losing weight. This does not mean you should increase the size of already large portions. No, by eating more to lose weight we are referring to not skipping meals. Some people think that skipping meals can help with weight loss when, in fact, it will lead to weight gain.

By eating three times a day and not skipping a meal, you will still lose weight. If you feel hungry between meals drink fruit juices as they will “fill you up” while being highly nutritious. But only use juice you make yourself as the processed fruit juice sold in store is full of added sugar.

4. Exercising Regularly

The majority of people nowadays fall into the “lazy people” category and do not engage in much exercise unless forced to do so. To lose weight naturally, it is essential that you exercise regularly using cardio vascular exercises to burn some calories.

For example, running, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming can be beneficial when trying to lose weight naturally. If you are able to do body building exercises it is also advantageous because this will help burn fats at a faster rate while improving your strength.

5 Surprising Ways Turmeric Will Naturally Heal Your Body

Turmeric is one of the popular spices we have in our homes. It’s used to provide that yellow hue on curry-based dishes and soups. Aside from its culinary use, it’s also a dying agent for cloth produced in India. Also known as Curcuma longa, turmeric curcumin is a plant from the ginger family that has remained very popular over the years since 2000 BCE.

What gives turmeric curcumin its impressive and wide-ranging health benefits is its potent phytochemical compounds called curcuminoids. Amazingly, there has been thousands of medical research projects conducted on this spice to evaluate how it can be used in many different ways for health improvement.

The commonality in these studies is the three main phytochemicals found in the curcuminoids family. They are diferuloylmethane, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. In addition to these three biochemicals, another potent volatile oil called turmerone has also been found to have important potential effects on your health.

According to these numerous research papers, the curcuminoids are able to communicate with biochemical mechanism and pathways in the body. These 160 pathways support many different processes such as gut health, cardiovascular health, and brain health.

Turmeric curcumin has an abundance of antioxidants that support cellular health and prevent cell degeneration. Below are just some of the well-research pros you can get from turmeric.

Balances Mood

The Journal Affective Disorders published a report on a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study they had conducted on two groups of individuals. One group was given turmeric curcumin every day, while the other group received a placebo. Over the course of eight weeks, individuals who got the turmeric curcumin had scored high on mood and anxiety exams compared to those in the placebo group. This finding definitely proves that turmeric has noticeable and promising results in terms of balancing the mood in people.

Heals Wounds

The September issue of Life Sciences 2014 has found that curcumin has properties that seemed to hasten the healing process. Aside from that, it appears to prevent further oxidation and offers a soothing effect on the wounds.

Another exciting finding published in the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, October 2006 Issue, states that treating mice wounds topically with turmeric had showed promising results. According to their study, the collagen synthesis of the mice was improved and the strength of the new tissues has also increased.

Cell proliferation synthesis were on high rates as well. There could be many ways as to how the wound healing has significantly improved. But researchers have linked it simply to the strong antioxidant properties of turmeric.

Treats Pain From Chronic Disease

The correlation on how turmeric relieves knee discomfort in patients with arthritis has been published on the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging. This issue published last March of 2014 showed impressive results on how turmeric can better relieve pain compared to other conventional treatments.

A two-group study was also conducted. One given with turmeric, and the other group used the conventional medication. They concluded that those patients who took turmeric instead of conventional medicine seemed to have better results.

As per 2011 Issue of Surgical endoscopy, the benefits of a turmeric supplement on post-op discomfort and fatigue on patients showed less discomfort compared to the placebo group they had.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

An investigative study that was published last 2014 by the Journal of Endocrinology stated that curcumin showed positive effects on Beta cells and Islet cells in the pancreas. These cells are in charge of producing insulin in your body. According to this study, turmeric has helped normalize imbalanced sugar levels and shows promising benefits on diabetic patients.

Improves Stomach Lining

One major reason why turmeric has a longstanding popularity is due to its soothing properties on the gastrointestinal tract. This is why many curry eaters feel the need to go to the bathroom after their meal – it starts by improving digestion.

Researchers have tested its ability to support the stomach lining by introducing acidic agents (such as alcohol) in the stomach. But before that, turmeric was administered before ethanol, and it was observed that the damage the alcohol can bring about on the stomach was reduced. This explains why turmeric was traditionally used in treating stomach ulcers.

Turmeric Supplementation

The only way for you to take advantage of turmeric’s strong health benefits is by taking it in it’s pure form and researchers say that you should get at least 95% curcuminoids to notice its healing effects.

Many companies are now offering this dosage in pill and extract forms. Side effects of turmeric pills are not common, but choosing a reputable brand that produces quality products should still be a priority. You can start by researching online and reading product reviews and testimonials.

Doctors Find Practicing Not What Its Cracked Up To Be

You just graduated from professional medical college and are looking forward to a wonderful life long professional career service the public in healthcare.

The first thing someone asks you is have you got your malpractice insurance yet? You then think to yourself, I got into healthcare to help sick people get well and now you are telling me I have to insure myself in case these people I am trying to help sue me?

Even if you write a simple hip flexors review on the Web under your real name, you could still end up getting sued if for some reason people get sick from the product you recommended, not to mention got worse.

Yes and that is just the first reality check. Next you go out and try to find an office space, furnishings, equipment and supplies for your new office.

These items are expensive but then comes the real shocker. You need someone to answer your phone, assist you with patients and bill the insurance for you. If they don’t pay as they should, you will need someone to collect for you.

For most doctors, these costs, no more than a few years ago, were not difficult to cover with the reimbursement being paid out for services.

Enter Managed Care or what we in the business they like to call Mangled Care. Now we have businessmen coming into healthcare and trying to tell the doctors how much they should get paid for their services. The less they pay, the higher their profits and the hits just keep on coming.

This new dilemma is not easy for the practicing doctor to take. They find that what they took home from practice just a few years ago has been steadily reduced and most of the time for no other reason than greed on the part of the managed care companies.

Instead of bringing costs down, which was the intent of managed care, costs are either the same or higher. But, reimbursements are lower.

Now, your costs have remained the same but your collections have decreased. This becomes a very important issue for you. You need to curb costs somehow but where do you start. Maybe the DSL can go, maybe the yearly company party can be scaled down, lets try to conserve paper waist, etc.

What is you could take some of the staffing overhead and source it out at a rate less than you currently pay? Would you be interested? Well, now you can!

Practice Solutions, LLC provides a solution for all your office needs. They can help you with scheduling, billing, collections, legal issues, marketing and acquisitions. You keep only the staff you need to treat patients and we supply the rest.

They make this possible by dividing the cost of help in the above mentioned areas between a number of different doctors and offices. This allows them to save you money with staffing while hiring more competent people to fill these positions. You get better help for less.

If you have decreased your staffing, you now may not need as much lease space as you used to. This could be an additional benefit for using their services.

Call them today and let them show you how they can help you increase you practice income and get back some of that lost money!

5 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Sleep Quality and Brain Function

Sleep is definitely among the most significant factors for maximum performance, productivity, mood regulation, memory and immune function. Sadly, the pace and information overload of this modern generation can easily challenge sleep quality, which results in the deterioration of people’s cognitive function and health.

People’s greatest intentions to catch up on the lack of sleep can only lead to incoherent patterns of sleep. This is not a healthy situation to be in. Two hours less of sleep tonight is not equivalent to extra two hours tomorrow.

The best-selling author and cognitive psychologist Daniel J. Levitin said that no one can make up for lost sleep. His work investigates the latest advances in brain science and how leaders in the I.T era stand out. His book entitled The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload successfully explains the importance of sleep as well as the cost of sleep deprivation.

Today, the idea that folks can adjust to chronic sleep loss with no negative impact on brain function is no longer true. In 2013, sleep deprivation was declared as a public health epidemic by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

You should understand that not all sleep is equal. Recovery sleep is defined by abnormal brain waves as the brain tries to “resynchronize” with the circadian rhythm of the body. A mild sleep change or reduction can produce harmful effects on cognitive performance for several days afterward.

Maybe you are not well aware that lack of sleep leads to stress, premature aging, infertility, hormonal imbalances, lowered immune function, hair loss, and weight gain.

Hormonal problems that cause sleep disorders don’t just start at bedtime, and they cannot be resolved by just dealing with them at this time. Have you ever observed that unlike humans, animals do not have any problem sleeping and waking just when they suppose to? Outdoor animals do not need sleeping pills to help them do so, but indoor pets could possibly have some troubles like humans do.

Appropriate sleep hormone production (melatonin) depends on the proper hormone function through the waking hours. The endocrine system is a whole system, hormonal imbalances like PCOS and endometriosis can usually lead to the lack of sleep and vice versa.

Stress hormones can bear an enormous effect on the sleep cycle as well. This is a 2-way street. Sleep loss promotes stress hormones, and these hormones can lead to sleep disorders.

These are the 5 best ways to enhance sleep quality and brain function.

1. Have A Healthy Sleeping Habit

Everyone has its own sleep cycle. Some people can fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow, while others may take an hour or more. You must understand that there are specific requirements. In general, children are required to have 10 to 12 hours, 8 to 9 hours for teenagers and 6 to 10 hours daily for adults.

Usually, the deeper, restorative sleep happens during the first two hours and the very last ninety minutes of sleep. If the very precious 90-minute window of deeper rapid eye movement or REM sleep never occurs or is interrupted, sleep loss causes memory loss.

Great sleep habits lead to quality nighttime sleep and total daytime attentiveness. This is also referred as sleep hygiene, which you can achieve once you have a constant routine. You have to maintain a consistent “wake-and-sleep” pattern every single day.

2. Achieve the Right Sleep Posture

Absolutely, your posture is crucial even when you are sleeping. When you lie on your back or side, it allows your spine, head, and neck to loosen up into their natural alignment. Avoid doing stomach sleeping because it only puts stress on your spine. It is discouraged for those who are experiencing neck or back pain.

If you are lying on your back, place a pillow under your knees. This will eliminate the pressure off the lower back. Back sleeping is bad because it will only lead to snoring and affects the sleep quality of your partner. If that is really a big problem you are causing, try to roll on your side. Make sure to position your head, neck, and shoulders are in line with your spine.

Choosing what pillow is best for you might post some challenges. Picking the wrong pillow may worsen neck pain, headaches, and numbness or discomfort of the arms and shoulders.

If you are a back sleeper, choose thinner pillows so that your head will not be thrown too far forward. There are great benefits using cervical pillows with added loft in the bottom part, this will cradle your neck.

For side sleepers, a firmer pillow is the best choice. This will help fill the space between your ear and the outside of your shoulder. Also, your body shape and size, as well as sleep habits, are huge factors in selecting the best pillow. There is a need for you to replace your pillows after a couple of years because they usually wear out.
Also, it is very important that you have a very comfortable and supportive mattress. Pick something that is flexible to adapt to the shape of your body while giving firm support to your spine. It is suggested that you change your mattress every eight to twelve years.

3. Consume Food That Naturally Improves Sleeping

Food, in general, can affect your help, especially your sleep quality. There are numerous kinds of foods that you can eat to help you improve your chances of getting quality sleep.

Healthy fats present in eggs, coconut oil, and butter give your body with all the important building blocks to produce sleep hormones. High nutrient fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas are great antioxidants. They are important in the production of hormones and elimination of toxins. Just remember that you should drink green tea early in the day.

Stop eating at least four hours (preferably by 6:00 pm) before your bedtime if you wish to have a better sleep. Your dinner should have vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. Sufficient amount of protein in your evening meal helps prepare your body to go to the sleep cycle.

Please avoid carbohydrates and sugars, particularly at night because they can lead to a blood sugar spike and crash. This can cause some difficulties falling and staying asleep. Lots of people long for carbohydrates at night, which is a clear symptom of an underlying hormonal problem.

To some people, grains can have negative effects on their health. Those who have grain intolerance experience physical stress, which change the hormonal cycle and can obstruct sleep.

It might be surprising to you, but you have to avoid vegetable oils. These artificial fats cause issues in the new skin formation and then lead to problems in the hormonal cycle. Our hormones need saturated fats to produce, and giving the body incorrect types of building blocks can cause a lot of trouble with hormone production.

4. Take Natural Supplements

Unluckily, it is usually hard to get adequate nutrients from foods, especially when they harvested before they are ripe so they can be transported around the globe. If you are dealing with health problems or suffering from sleep disorders, it is a lot helpful to take some supplements. These supplements contain key nutrients and help strengthen your body.

Consider taking high vitamin butter oil blend or fermented cod liver oil. You can take any of them in the morning and in the evening (1/2 teaspoon every time). The presence of omega-3s and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K explains why these supplements can help improve sleep. Also, it can balance others hormone that causes infertility and other problems.

Moreover, a few tablespoons of coconut oil added in a cup of herbal tea every day gives the human body building blocks to manufacture sleep hormones. Many people have the magnesium deficiency and this can impact sleep quality. Some solve this by taking some products half an hour before bedtime.

There are some types of herbs that can help you fall asleep faster. You can try some catnip, chamomile or sleep tincture to help you relax.

5. Have A Healthy And Active Daily Habit

Your daily routine makes a huge difference in how simply you can fall and stay sleeping. You can do little experiments to discover what works best for you.

Start your day and sleep at the same time, even on weekends. This will keep your hormone cycle good and regular. Also, you can consume a high fat or high protein snack some hours before going to bed, ideally by 7:00 pm or earlier. You should not take caffeine later than 1:00 pm.

It’s also a great idea to install F.lux, which is free on all computers and other devices. This reduces blue light and helps you have a great sleep. Drink sufficient quantity of water during daytime and avoid drinking approximately two hours before going to bed so you do not have to wake up to use the toilet.

Getting sunlight for at least half an hour daily is very important. The light exposure during the day enhances serotonin levels, which improves levels of melatonin at night. Get rid of artificial lights after the sun sets.

Meditation and prayer lessen stress and have calming effects. If you have a budget, have a massage before bedtime to release all your stress. Also, do some stretching before going to bed to relax up your muscles.

Most importantly, associate your bed and bedroom with sleep. It’s never a smart idea to use your bedroom to surf the Internet, watch T.V. or read a book.